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Kinder Garden

Nature learning occurs when a child interacts within the natural environment. When play opportunities are offered in a garden setting (whether on their own or with the assistance of adults), children are exposed to the agrarian (farms and farming) world. Being told how a plant grows does not compare to digging in the soil, planting a seed, watering, and watching daily for signs of growth. Interacting within the natural environment provides an opportunity to investigate the world.

Experiences/ Features Include

  • Music

  • Movement

  • Fort & Pavilion

  • Art & Construction

  • Labyrinth  

  • Learning Cottage

  • Digging and Potting

  • Green Tunnel & Bridge

  • Sensory

This is a special place for children ages 3-7 to experience the sights, sounds and "feel" of a living garden in an outdoor environment.

The work of children is simple-PLAY! Play stimulates the whole brain, not the specific area related to a single formal academic skill. It is multi-sensory, interactive, creative, and imaginative.

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