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UTAES & Cumberland County Master Gardener Association provided
Cumberland County Growing Conditions

 The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service
Insect and Plant Disease Manual

The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

The University of Tennessee Master Gardener Program

The Univeristy of Tennessee Soil & Plant Disease Center

The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service
Landscape Publications (pdf's to download)

UT Gardens Annual Trials Results

The University of Tennessee Gardens 


UT Horticulture Education Site

US Department of Agriculture - Plants Database (USDA) 


Vegetation Impact Program

Ohio State "Web Garden" 

Purdue University Floriculture Extension 

North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service

Tennessee Exotic Invasive Plants

University of Oregon Extension

TN Nursery & Landscape Association online Buyer's Guide

Insect ID:

Crossville, TN Weather Infomation

Handy list of UT Gardening Publications

A Pruning Calendar by Walter Reeves

Bird Seed Selection Guide

UT "Ornamental Pest and Disease Update" publications