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Classes in the Garden

Here's all the information that you need about the 2024 Classes in the Garden sponsored by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners.  There are 22 classes plus 5 events listed.  

REGISTRATION:  Online registration links are shown in each class description below.  For future classes, you can also check the UT Gardens website:

or call 931-484-0034 

If fewer than five people register by one week prior, the class will be canceled.

FEES: Some classes require a small fee to cover the cost of your supplies. Unless
otherwise stated, payment is due on the day of class. (cash or check) Note: For “Tea in
the Gardens”, registration must be pre-paid. Make checks payable and mail to CCMGI,
PO Box 483, Crossville, TN 38557-0483.

July - August Classes

Friday, July 19, 9:30–11 am

Held in the PDG

Plateau Discovery Garden Tour – Jewels of July

Shalena Durkot, Garden Coordinator Limit 20 Join us for a guided summer tour of the Gardens. Learn about the history of its creation, how it has evolved, and of course, all about the beautiful plants within it.

Registration link

Monday, July 29, 9–11 am

Invasive Plants on the Plateau

Bill Morgan, Obed Watershed Community Assoc. & Master Gardener The Plateau is under attack! Which non-native plants sold in garden centers should NEVER be in your garden? There are better alternatives. Learn to identify, avoid, and help eradicate extremely aggressive invasive plants that threaten our native species and our environment. You won’t want to miss this one!

Registration Link

Saturday, August 3

9–11 am

Butterflies and Caterpillars

Kris Light, Science Outreach Educator Learn about butterflies and caterpillars commonly found on the Plateau. Get tips on how to ensure these creatures thrive. We will take a stroll through the butterfly garden to look for caterpillars and butterflies. Dress appropriately for the garden.

Registration Link


Tuesday, August 6

1 pm –2 pm

Landscape Trends for Today’s World

Haley Treadway, UT Extension Agent, Hamilton Co. Learn the latest trends in landscape architecture and design. Focus will be on residential issues, including right plant/right place, low maintenance, sustainability, and considerations for aging gardeners.

Registration Link

Saturday, August 10

9–11 am Fall Veggies - Cool!

Fred Mullen, Master Gardener

Now is the time to prepare for a cool season vegetable garden with discussion on the best varieties and tips for successful growing.

Registration Link

Saturday, August 17

9 am–11 pm

Growing Carnivorous Curiosities

David Clark, Nature Photographer & TN Cert. Naturalist Kristi DuBois, Master Gardener and TN Cert. Naturalist Learn about the intriguing dietary habits of carnivorous plants and how to grow them on a sunny deck or patio.

Registration Link


Tuesday, Aug 27

9 am–3 pm

Held Outdoors at the PDG

Fall Gardeners’ Festival

Pre-Registration required

This fun and educational day is packed with information for the gardener. Enjoy workshops, exhibits, Ask-the-Experts, wagon tours and garden vendors.

Registration Link




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