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Classes in the Garden

Here's all the information that you need about the 2024 Classes in the Garden sponsored by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners.  There are 22 classes plus 5 events listed.  

REGISTRATION:  Online registration links are shown in each class description below.  For future classes, you can also check the UT Gardens website:

or call 931-484-0034 

If fewer than five people register by one week prior, the class will be canceled.

FEES: Some classes require a small fee to cover the cost of your supplies. Unless
otherwise stated, payment is due on the day of class. (cash or check) Note: For “Tea in
the Gardens”, registration must be pre-paid. Make checks payable and mail to CCMGI,
PO Box 483, Crossville, TN 38557-0483.

February Classes

Monday, Feb. 19 1–3 pm
Turfs Up - Weeds Down
Gregg Upchurch, UT Extension Agent
Join us for a discussion of selection, planting, and maintenance
of your lawn. Learn best practices to control weeds in your turf.
Receive a “Turf Calendar” for planning your best lawn ever!

Online Registration:

Saturday, Feb. 17 1–3 pm
Kids PB Pinecone Feeders: Birdie Treats
Vicki May, Master Gardener
Limit 15 Children (Must be accompanied by an adult.)
Learn about feeding birds and make a peanut butter pinecone

feeder out of all natural materials. Celebrate bird feeding and
breeding season.

Online Registration:

Wed., Feb. 28 10 am–noon
Blueberries on the Plateau
Gregg Upchurch, UT Extension Agent
Don’t sing the blueberry blues! Get the latest guidance on
growing blueberries–including soil condition, pruning, and

Online Registration:

Saturday, March 30  9-11am
Vegetable Gardening 101
Fred Mullen & Sid Morgan, Master Gardeners
For the vegetable garden of your dreams, get Master Gardener
advice on how to plant, grow and harvest.

Saturday, April 6  10–11 am
Snakes: Eeks or Meeks
Don Hazel, Nature Columnist
Yes, we live with snakes. Are they dangerous? Where are they
and how do they behave? See lots of beautiful photographs to
name and identify Plateau varieties. No Live Specimens.

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