2021 Master Gardner

Volunteer Training Class

The TN Master Gardener program is an opportunity to volunteer to assist others and is an exceptional way to improve the community and also a great way to learn more about plants and improve your gardening techniques.  The purpose of the Master Gardener program is to train citizens as horticultural-educated volunteers of The University of Tennessee Extension and the Tennessee State Cooperative Extension Program. Volunteers work in partnership with their counties to expand the educational outreach by providing home gardeners with researched-based information.


We feel we have an excellent program scheduled for 2021 consisting of 13 online Volunteer training class periods beginning Tuesday, February 2, at 9:00 a.m. We hope to also provide “hands-on” lab experiences later this spring to supplement the program. However, given potential Covid quarantine restrictions, we are going to wait in scheduling those “in-person” activities.

The button links above will take you to the full schedule of these classes, detailed information and the application form.    Current TN Master Gardeners can attend any of these classes at no charge, but will not get the extensive handbook.


The Tennessee Master Gardener Volunteer Program offers many opportunities to make new friends and enhance your horticultural expertise while becoming involved in community activities.