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2019 Flower and Garden Show

Free Presentations

Friday, April 26


            11:00am  Dr. Tom Samples – Healthy Roots=Healthy Turfgrasses


            12:30pm  Brad Canfield – Hemlock Wooly Adellgid, Ash Borers


             2:00pm  John Conrad – Building Hiking Trails, Cumberland County


            3:30pm  Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck – Firewise Landscaping


Saturday, April 27


            9:30am  Jeff Dayton – Pollination, Bees Do It


            11:00am  Angel Miller – Add Edible Mushrooms in Your Landscape


            12:30pm  Don Hazel – All the Snakes of Eastern Tennessee

              2:00pm  Bill Morgan -- Native Plants of the Plateau


              3:30pm  Charles Tollett  -- Cumberland Homesteads Gardens and Agriculture

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