Common Name Artemisia 

(aka Wormwood)

Botanical Name Artemisia

Category Perennial

USDA Cold 3-7

Hardiness Zone

Flowers Yellow

Normal Bloom Time Spring

Foliage Soft, feathery silver foliage

Special Features

Mature Size 4" - 12" H X 18"-4' W Evergreen:

Growth Rate Fast Attracts Butterflies:

Sunlight Requirements Full Sun Attracts Hummingbirds:

Soil Requirements Best if grown in poor soil Has Fragrance:

Water Requirements Dry to Moderate Produces food for Birds:

Maintenance Level Low - one pruning per year Drought Resistant:

Special Considerations Frequently stays all winter Native Plant:

Good Fall Color:


Can be Invasive:


Description / Comments Deer "Resistant":

Dense, silky cushion like mound. Good filler plant for hot, dry areas. Pest free;

aromatic when crushed. Read label for mature height. Some varieties stay quite

small, perhaps 4" tall by 12" wide. They are ideal for rock gardens. The taller

varieties will benefit from a firm pruning in mid summer, cutting off perhaps half

their stems to about 6". Water well, and when new growth is evident, cut off the

other half to the same length. If the next winter isnít too severe, your plant will look

good through the winter. In the spring, repeat the pruning technique. The cut

stems are easily rooted in sand or even in light soil if you desire more plants.

Especially nice interplanted with purple perennial salvia.

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( This page created by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association as part of their Favorite Plants for the Plateau CD )