Common Name Arborvitae

Botanical Name Thuja occidentalis

Category Tree - Evergreen

USDA Cold 2-8

Hardiness Zone

Flowers Insignificant

Normal Bloom Time N/A

Foliage Coniferous evergreen

Special Features

Mature Size 20'-50' H x 8' W Evergreen:

Growth Rate Moderate to Fast Attracts Butterflies:

Sunlight Requirements Full Sun to Part Shade Attracts Hummingbirds:

Soil Requirements prefers a neutral pH, unlike most Has Fragrance:

Water Requirements Dry to Moderate Produces food for Birds:

Maintenance Level Low Drought Resistant:

Special Considerations Frequently used as a hedge or windbreak Native Plant:


Good Fall Color:


Can be Invasive:


Description / Comments Deer "Resistant":

Probably the most popular Arborvitae and most easily found is Emerald Green

which grows to 30 high x 8 wide. A taller cousin would be Green Giant sometimes

used as timber as it is fast growing and can become 50 tall. Arborvitae is an

extremely popular plant for use in landscaping. It will adapt to most soil conditions

and is very cold hardy. The techney arborvitae grows a little slower and only to

about 20. It is extremely hardy and can tolerate more shade than the larger


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( This page created by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association as part of their Favorite Plants for the Plateau CD )