Common Name Ajuga (aka Bugleweed)

Botanical Name Ajuga reptans

Category Ground Cover

USDA Cold 3-9

Hardiness Zone

Flowers Blue-purple tones on 2-6" spikes

Normal Bloom Time May-June

Foliage Green-Purple-Bronze tri-color

textured leaves

Special Features

Mature Size 3-6"H X 6-9"W Evergreen:

Growth Rate Fast Attracts Butterflies:

Sunlight Requirements Full Sun - Shade Attracts Hummingbirds:

Soil Requirements Well drained Has Fragrance:

Water Requirements Moderate to Moist Produces food for Birds:

Maintenance Level Low Drought Resistant:

Special Considerations Subject to crown rot -- keep crown above soil Native Plant:

Good Fall Color:


Can be Invasive:


Description / Comments Deer "Resistant":

Ajuga reptans is noted for the striking range of foliage colors and textures. In mass

plantings, the flower effect can be very dramatic. A superb plant for creating

weed-suppressing groundcover which no garden should be without. Widely used

for under planting roses for its attractive tri-color foliage and spikes of blue flowers

in spring. Creates a mat of semi-evergreen to evergreen foliage attractive all year

round. One of the few groundcovers that will grow under walnut trees. Prune by

removing runners; can be mowed after flowering. Propagate by division and

transplanting runners. 'Burgundy Glow' variety features variegated mint-green,

ivory, and burgundy/salmon leaves, with six-inch indigo blue flower spikes in

mid-spring to early-summer. ‘Chocolate Chip’ is a low growing, narrow leaved

ground cover with compact variegated foliage - dark green splashed with

chocolate, with burgundy highlights. Leaves are thinner and longer than other

Ajugas. It has intense deep blue flowers held on 2" flower spikes.

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