Evergreen Plants
(Includes some deciduous plants that will retain their leaves in our normal climate)

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Common Name Category
Abelia Shrub-Deciduous
Arborvitae Tree - Evergreen
Arizona Cypress Tree - Evergreen
Azalea Shrub-Deciduous
Bamboo Perennial Flowering
Boxwood, American Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Candy Tuft Perennial Flowering
Eastern White Pine Tree - Evergreen
English Boxwood Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Euonymus Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
False Cypress, Gold Mop Shrub-Narrow Leaved Evergreen
Hellebore (non-hybridized) Perennial Flowering
Hemlock, Canadian Tree - Evergreen
Heucherella Perennial Flowering
Holly Tree Tree - Evergreen
Holly, China Boy / China Girl Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Hydrangea, Oakleaf Perennial Flowering
Juniper - Shrub Shrub-Narrow Leaved Evergreen
Juniper - Tree Tree - Evergreen
Laurel, Otto Luyken (aka Cherry Laurel) Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Lenten Rose (aka Helebore) Perennial Flowering
Leyland Cypress Tree - Evergreen
Magnolia Tree - Evergreen
Mondo Grass - Dwarf Perennial Flowering
Nandina Shrub-Broadleaf Evergreen
Oregon Grape Holly  (aka Mahonia) Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Pieris Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Spruce Tree - Evergreen
Spurge Perennial
Yew Shrub-Narrow Leaved Evergreen
Yucca Perennial Flowering

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