Plants that provide Food for Birds and Wildlife

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Common Name Category
Arborvitae Tree - Evergreen
Bittersweet, American Vines
Black Locust Tree - Deciduous
Black Walnut Tree - Deciduous
Blazing Star (aka Gayfeather) Perennial Flowering
Crossvine Vine
Dogwood Tree - Deciduous
Eastern White Pine Tree - Evergreen
False Solomonís Seal Perennial Flowering
Goldenrod Perennial Flowering
Hawthorn, Washington Tree - Deciduous
Hemlock, Canadian Tree - Evergreen
Holly Tree Tree - Evergreen
Ironweed Perennial Flowering
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Perennial Flowering
Joe-Pye Weed Perennial Flowering
Ninebark Shrub-Deciduous
Serviceberry Tree - Deciduous
Solomonís Seal Perennial Flowering
Sweetgum Tree Tree - Deciduous
Trumpet Vine Vines
Tulip Poplar Tree - Deciduous
White Fringe Tree Tree - Deciduous

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