Aggressive Plants

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Common Name Category
Ajuga (aka Bugleweed) Ground Cover
Bamboo Perennial Flowering
Bittersweet, American Vines
Cotoneaster Ground Cover
Creeping Jenny ( aka Moneywort ) Ground Cover
Creeping Phlox Perennial Flowering
Creeping Phlox Ground Cover
Crocosmia Perennial, bulb-like
Daylily Perennial Flowering
Euonymus Shrub-Broadleaved Evergreen
Euonymus ground cover Ground Cover
Lamium (aka Dead Nettle) Ground Cover
Mondo Grass - Dwarf Perennial Flowering
Obedient Plant Perennial Flowering
Pachysandra (aka Japanese Spurge) Ground Cover
Periwinkle Ground Cover
Spider Wort Perennial Flowering
Spirea, Lime Mound Shrub-Deciduous
St. John's Wort Perennial
Summersweet (aka Sweet Pepperbush) Shrub-Deciduous
Sweet woodruff Ground Cover
Tickseed (aka Coreopsis) Perennial Flowering
Trumpet Vine Vines
Verbena Annual Flowering

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