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The soil on the Plateau ranges from heavy clay to sandy loam, and is typically quite acidic (low pH). It is important to determine what kind of soil you have, and amend it as needed. The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service, Cumberland County Office, can provide an assessment of the pH and offer suggestions for correcting the pH, if necessary, and make fertilizer recommendations . It is strongly advised that you contact them before you begin your planting project, since the soil pH is a vital factor in the plantís success.

The Plateau experiences cyclical periods of drought and high rainfall. This contributes to the difficulty of successful gardening and landscaping. While it is often possible to water during drought, it is quite difficult to do much about too much moisture. Extreme heat and humidity can cause problems with mold, fungus and viruses. It is best to avoid plants that are susceptible to these problems.  

This guide is a result of the combined efforts of several Cumberland County Master Gardeners: Alan Baker, Wanda Beattie, Carol Burdett, Wynnell Busch and Richard Malsack. Each of these Master Gardeners contributed many hours toward the development of this CD and we thank them for their contributions. We hope you enjoy using it and wish you success in your gardening and landscaping projects.

The Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association is an educational, service- oriented organization under the auspices of University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service. They offer educational clinics throughout the year and are available to help answer your gardening questions through the UT Extension Service Office.

Disclaimer: Although a considerable effort has been undertaken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this CD, there is no warranty, express or implied, on the accuracy or suitability of the information contained herein. By clicking through to any other page in this CD, you agree to hold harmless the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association and the University of Tennessee.

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