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Moss In The Landscape: How To Cultivate It

The flip side of moss elimination is cultivation. Moss is an excellent ground cover in shaded areas where grass grows poorly. It is especially good under trees, around stepping stones in shaded pathways and on shaded slopes.

The only maintenance required is occasional weeding and leaf removal. Moss grows best in shaded, moist, acidic, lean soil. It can be cultivated by transplanting plugs into the desired area after the existing weeds or grass has been removed.

Another method of starting plant cultivation is to pulverize some moss in a blender with buttermilk, then pour it on the cleared area where the moss is desired. Keep the area moist until the plants have taken root in two to three weeks. Frequently, moss will cover a cleared area which has the right soil conditions just by the establishment of wind blown spores.

Moss is also very appropriate for Japanese style gardens, and it is very attractive as a covering on large stones and plant containers. Additional methods of growing moss on garden objects include the following recipes:

Recipes for encouraging moss grow on containers/rocks/garden statuary

Recipe #1:

Mix together, 2 sugar cubes, 1 can of beer, and pulverized moss. Paint on container/rock/statue and leave in shaded area.

Recipe #2:

Mix together buttermilk and pulverized moss. Paint on container/rock/statue and leave in a shaded area.

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