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Horticultural Library:  The Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association (CCMGA) provides and maintains a horticultural library at the Cumberland County UT Extension office.  You may use these books and other media, but not check them out.  Their phone number is 931-484-6743 .

Online Reference:   The CCMGA website is www.ccmga.org .  At that site, check the Gardening Links page there for several helpful websites with more information.  If you are online now, just click here to go to that page. 

Gardening Almanac for the Plateau:  The CCMGA has also produced a book about the various suggested gardening activities, by month, for our area.  It also lists the flowers in bloom in that month and what birds you are likely to see that month.  It is available for purchase at the Cumberland County UT Extension office.

Map to the Cumberland County UT Extension office:  (click here)

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